Thursday, September 2, 2010

At Last

This was a morning a few weeks ago that began inexcusably too early.
This morning was more anticipated than any other this year.
This was a morning frothy with emotions;
happiness, sadness, excitement, worry, nostalgia, and joy.
This........was Sienna's first day back at school.

Sienna finally started school again. She counted down most of summer (not including weekends-that would have been too painful for her) until school began. We had a great summer for sure --we loved it. But in August-with the oppressive heat and felt as if our bodies (and my mind ) were being liquefied. The hours dripped by. C'mon August....hurry up already, my little one wants to be a 1st grader!

Sienna was elated to see Kaleia (one of her best friends) on the first day of school. They were in the same Kindergarten class last year so they are so happy to be together again this year.
You know who was not elated?......Wesley. Poor little guy. He was so grumpy, and sad on Sienna's first day back at school. He was losing his best friend and playmate-hence the grumpy picture of the two of them above. For Wesley-there were no smiles to be had on this particular morning.
I too felt some anxiety about Sienna going back to school (less than last year- thankfully). I had a pot of questions, some swirling doubts, mixed with emotions, but mostly....I was bubbling with joy for
my bright star who loves to learn.

Sienna was ready. And she was happy.....but you don't have to take my word for it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Just wanted to say that I know it's seems like I've dropped off the face of the planet....but I haven't. Still have a heartbeat. Life's good. Really good. Been we all are. Hope to catch up with everything very soon. Would like to publish my blog into a book format to keep sooooo.....there is going to be a bit of chronological chaos for awhile as I try to play "catch-up" for posterity/book sake. So bear with me if you will. I have a love/hate relationship with my blog.....but at the end of the day..... it really is an affair of the heart.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

A few weeks ago I saw an ad in a magazine that announced the Tulsa Ballet Company would perform, "Sleeping Beauty" over Valentine's weekend. I read on and learned that "Sleeping Beauty" is the most technically difficult ballet of all. How fun to watch! At first I thought Nathan and I would take Sienna as a very special date....but soon remembered he would be out of town.
So instead, Sienna and I had a special Mommy Daughter date.

Here is a sliver of the downtown Tulsa skyline at night. It was bitter, bitter cold that night and Sienna was in no mood to walk around and explore. Stinker. So I got a picture of her in the grand parking lot with her head turned. Anyway, she was a good sport about taking pictures in the comfort of our cozy car- hence the picture below.
It was so fun to dress up for the opening night performance. Sigh. I rarely, rarely get a chance to dress up (outside of church-y stuff) so I was over the moon to find an amazing plum-colored cocktail dress for 70
% percent off. Ya hoo! The dress was a tad too big so my sweet neighbors (elderly sisters) took in the dress just in time for the show. And I got to wear ridiculously fancy earrings I've never worn and I felt like Cinderella!

But I barely survived 60 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour performance with Sienna. She put on her own performance of sorts......she starred as -The Annoying Child-
The one who keeps talking, keeps moving, keeps asking what's going to happen next, keeps changing positions, keeps looking at you, keeps sighing, keeps asking for food, and keeps asking when it will be over. Yeah....that one.
We unceremoniously slipped out during intermission. I had a hunch Sienna was not getting an encore.
Sigh. I guess I should wait till she's older.
But what I did see of the performance was gorgeous, with stunning ornate costumes,with beautiful props, and very talented, other-worldly dancers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do the Monster Mash

Early in October Sienna's dance class had a little Halloween performance for family and friends. The kids danced in their Halloween costumes to the song, "The Monster Mash." It was stinkin adorable.
P.S. Sienna was Little Red Riding Hood

But I think the highlight for the kids on this beautiful Fall evening, was the ridiculous amount of candy, treats, cookies, and juice provided for the kids after the dance. Really parents?! I mean yes they can have some sweets- definitely it's Halloween. But my goodness there was too much. I had to de-claw my children from the tables and swipe the treats from their greedy clutches. The only real use the treats held for me was as bribes to get all of these pics. was a graveyard the MOnsTer MaSh

Carmichael's Farm

Oklahoma in general, and Tulsa specifically, offers a smoregusborg of family-centered activities, festivals, events and farms. I tell you what. We've been dating our city for 10 months and I've gotta admit.....I'm falling hard. And if things keep going the way they are....I can definitely see a long term relationship in the horizon.
I was thrilled that we were able to do and see so many things between October-December of last year. I loved "getting to know" Tulsa and what it offers during my favorite months of the year.
I couldn't imagine just"skipping" over them.
So- the next installment of posts will be reminiscing the days of yore.

circa 2009

This is Carmichael's Farm. We heard about it from friends who said visiting this farm was one of their Fall traditions. Now it will be one of ours. We had a great time. It was pretty dang crowded, but the weather was dreamy. And there's something just inherently fun about visiting a farm. Or is it just me? I find them so endearing- so charming.
We fed the well-fed livestock, hopped on a hay bale ride, devoured local treats, and let the kids ride the horses.

These pumpkins were massive. Wesley sat on one of these and looked small in comparison. Wesley is over 40 lbs. Yeah.
Crazy big.

Nathan and Wesley enjoyed the overpriced hay bale ride around the farm. But don't get me wrong...I totally think it's worth the price in the novelty department. And it's such a great excuse to wear boots! Speaking of......

My little cowgirl. Sienna is still in love with HORSES. I always enjoy watching the kids faces as they ride horses. It's so satisfying to see them over the moon, and so happy. I think it might be habit-forming.
The kids loved pulling each other around the farm in this wheel barrow. Couldn't have asked for a better photo-op.
Don't you just love the Fall??
The End

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going Private- a story

So my friends,
my kind of blog is a dying breed......a dinosaur if you will. I amongst, most of my friends am virtually the only owner of a public blog. I know. So I feel it's time to pack my bags and move into Camp Private. I stayed public (partly for my not-so-techno-savvy family-except for you Nathan M.) and also to welcome an unlimited amount of positive comments onto my blog and into my heart.
But....(sigh).... alas, sadly I have lots of readers, but not lots of comments. Gets me bummed out friends....not gonna lie. No point in sharing my labors of love with the masses. So we're packing up this here point in dangling my scrumptious children to potential pathologicals out there. So if you can't live without your weekly (ok...sometimes monthly) dose of my spiffy blog.....fess up that you like it, send an email, or leave a comment that you'd like to be invited as a reader...... and hereby commit to leave comments from henceforth.

The End

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years

Our New Year's Eve began like this.......a peaceful drive to my Mom's house.
We only made one stop and at the
"Fireworks Mega SuperCenter" store.
(this is Oklahoma folks.....we don't mess around with fireworks in this here state).

And with plenty of sugar, and fun, we ended the kids New Years Eve with a bang. Despite the balmy 17 degree weather, and snow packed ground, Nathan managed to put on a mini firework show for the Peanut Gang.
The "sparklers" were definitely a big hit, and minus the thunderous booms,
the kids enjoyed the real fireworks Nathan lit into the starry sky.

And the evening ended like this.
Well, for the kids anyway.

The grown-ups ate, talked, ate some more, watched shows, ate, called family, and then it was midnight.

At 12 we shuffled outside and finished the fireworks.
Hurrah! Happy New Years!

I haven't made my New Year's Resolutions yet.......have you?
I have small pot of ideas simmering......and I must admit-
I smell a reoccurring theme.